Abstract Preparation and Submission


Manuscript files (in MS Word and PDF format) should be electronically sent to esmoc2017@mail1.nitdgp.ac.in / esmoc.submission@gmail.com. All manuscripts must be typed single-spaced in a single column with 12-point Time new roman font size, and with margins of at least 2.54cm all around within four (4) pages. All pages of the manuscript must be numbered. The Manuscript should contain an abstract of 100-150 words. The abstract should be only one paragraph. Do not include equations, symbols, or reference numbers in the abstract.

The introduction should explain the purpose of the study, cite relevant work, and describe objectives. The body presents the details of the study. It may be broken down into several sections, which should be identified by descriptive, unnumbered headings (do not use section or sub-section numbers). Appropriate figures and tables should be used to amplify the discussion. Point out the significance of the work, its limitations and advantages, applications of the results, and further work that should be done. A separate nomenclature section after the conclusions should list the symbols used in the manuscript, their definitions, and their SI units. The nomenclature list should be in alphabetical order with Greek symbols following the alphabetical listing. Subscripts and superscripts should follow Greek symbols and be identified with a heading. Number each equation consecutively with single Arabic numerals with the number enclosed inside prentices. All symbols in equations must be clear. Use only convectional symbols. Any footnotes of acknowledgement or author identification will appear on the opening page of the paper.


Each figure should be 300 dpi or higher and its caption should be with 12-point Times new roman. Table caption should also be with 12-point Times new roman. Data should be reported in SI units. Use standard symbols whenever possible.

For each author, include a photograph and a brief biographical sketch and place it at the end of the manuscript.  

References are cited in the text in numerical sequence according to their order of appearance. The in text citations are indicated by the author(s)- number method is also acceptable, e.g.,  Sinha [6], for two authors, Kulkarni and Sinha [3], and for multiple authors, Kulkarni et al. [5]. The references are listed in numerical order in a separate section after the nomenclature, styled as follows:


[1]  Energy, A. B., and Education, C. D., An introduction to Energy System Modeling and Optimization, 3rd ed., pp. 1025, publisher name,  place, year. (book)


[2] ]  Energy, A. B.,  Energy Education, in Handbook of Energy System Modeling and Optimization, ed. C. D. Education, pp. 16, publisher name, place, year. (chapter in a book)

[3] Energy, A. B., and Education, C. D., Article Title, Journal Name, vol. 51, no. 1, pp. 16, year. (Article in Journal)

[4] Energy, A. B., and Education, C. D., 2012 Energy Survey, Report ID, Month Year. (report)

 [6] Energy, A. B., Energy System Modeling, Proc. conference name, place, vol. 342, pp. 1926, 1997. (proceedings)

[7] Energy, A. B., Study on Energy System Modeling. Ph.D. thesis. Institute / University Name, Country, Year. (thesis)