About Us


"Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit"-Stefan Banach.

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics, NIT Durgapur. The broad range of mathematical disciplines we cover include algebra, analysis, differential equations, applied mathematics, theoretical physics and computational sciences. We offer two years M.Sc. in Mathematics and Ph.D. programs in Mathematics. The Department also participates as a coordinating department in the multidisciplinary M.Tech in Operations Research programme with the Department of Management Studies and the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. Besides, the Department is also involved in teaching various common and elective mathematics courses for the undergraduate Engineering students.

To impart training to students with a view to create competent and motivated academicians, the Department always tries to inculcate human values, and encourages independent thinking among the students for the benefit of the society.

The department is deeply involved in teaching and research. By means of publishing quality research articles, delivering lectures and collaborating with reputed national and international Institutes/ Universities we share the knowledge and transfer it to the academics and industrial sectors. Highly motivated young researchers with good academic and research background are encouraged for the faculty position in the Department.



To contribute to the nation through quality education and research in Mathematics; to become a valuable resource for industry and society; and to be a centre for excellence.



  • To create an ambiance in which state-of-the-art undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes will flourish
  • To identify different industrial problems through industry- academia interaction and to undertake collaborative projects for long term development.
  • To generate human resources with finest capabilities who can emerge as leaders in a range of professions.


Last updated on 18-08-2022