Sponsored Projects

Sl No Title Name of the PI Name of the CoPIs Funding Agency Amount (Rs.) Project Status Date of Initiation Date of Completion
1Exploring lithautotrophic microbial communities in terrestrial biosphere underneath the Deccan Traps at Koyna region, IndiaKazy S.K.NA 14 th phase of CoDL project, Deep Carbon Observatory, Carnegie Institution for Science, USA, The A. P. Sloan Foundation500000Ongoing2019
2Introducing protein folding paradigm in misfolding diseases: An attempt to redefine the structural understanding of amyloid aggregation following nucleated conformational conversion pathwayDr. Sudipta MondalNA SERB, DST. Gov. of India4600000Ongoing2021
3Screening of phytochemicals against metabolic, chronic inflammation and degenerative disordersSaha, S., Mukherjee, O., De, D. NARIG (NITDGP)1500000Completed20192022
4Molecular characterization of a small-molecule based reprogramming of non- adipocyte cells to brown adipocytes for its potential use as anti- obesity drug.Debojyoti DeNASERB, DST. Gov. of India3100000Completed20192022
5Isolation and identification of novel bacteriocin producing probiotic microbial species from Northeast region, exploration of probiotic traits and application of purified bacteriocin in food preservationSurabhi Chauchuri, Sucharita Sen MaitiPrakash Nayak DBT, Govt of India6267992Completed20192022
6Determining the role of the gastric microbiota in Helicobacter pylori infection to utilize it for the development of a probiotic therapyOindrilla MukherjeeNil DST-SERB3100000Completed20192022
7Design of modular peptide nanotubes platforms by the self-assembly of shortest helical building blocks for application as ion channel mimicDr. Sudipta MondalNA SERB, DST. Gov. of India2700000Ongoing20192022
8Microbial production of Lactic Acid using wastes (dairy waste & rice straw) as substrates, for the production of bioplasticAikat, K.Adhikari, U. Department of higher education, Science & Technology and Biotechnology, Govt. of West Bengal.1370000Ongoing2019
9MCM3AP: A novel S phases replication checkpoint protein and its relation to Fanconi anemia proteinMukhopadhyay, S.S.NASERB-DST,Govt. of India4139000Ongoing2017
10Role of protein arginylation in cellular stress responses: A study using heat stress and oxidative stress models in arginylation deficient cell culture system.Saha S.NASERB, DST. Gov. of India4876000Completed20172020

Consultancy Projects

Sl No Title Name of the PI Consultant Funding Agency Amount (Rs.) Project Status Date of Initiation Date of Completion
1Need based assessment survey for Rice mills at Burdwan, West BengalProf. Apurba DeyProf Tamal MandalNID, Ahmadabad200000Completed2012-06-012013-05-31
2Expression of human proteinsSudit Sekhar MukhopadhyayNAFertis India Pvt. Ltd.4200000Ongoing2022-06-01